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As South Africa faces a period of isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of us will be spending a lot more time at home and less time driving our vehicles. 

The government advises that we should only travel by car when absolutely necessary, including travelling to and from your place of work if you are a key worker, for essential food supplies for yourself or vulnerable people who rely on you, or to attend medical appointments. 

To ensure your Land Rover operates at peak efficiency for essential travel and is ready for the road once lockdown is lifted, there are a number of steps you can follow. These require little effort and will maintain the best operating conditions for your vehicle. 


• To build up sufficient charge in the battery, it is recommended that you turn on your vehicle once every seven days. In the first instance, start your car for a 30-minute period, with the heat in the cabin set to 22 degrees. Repeat this process for 15 minutes, once every seven days in the weeks thereafter, to ensure the battery is maintained. Make sure this process is performed in a well-ventilated area as filling a garage with exhaust fumes can be extremely dangerous. 

• While your vehicle is parked, always ensure that it is locked and that the key is at least 10 meters away as this will allow the vehicle to stay in sleep mode CHECK YOUR TYRES 

• To avoid flat spots, we advise adjusting the parking position of your vehicle by a quarter of a wheel turn once every 14 days, to change the point of pressure. Tyres have a tendency to lose air pressure when stationary for extended periods, so make sure they are sufficiently inflated before any journeys, during or after the lockdown. Check the tyre pressure against those listed in your vehicle manual.


• After extended periods of no use, we’d recommend gently applying the brakes when first driving your vehicle again, at a low speed. This will help to remove any surface corrosion on the brake discs. 


• Since 2009, all Land Rover diesel vehicles have been fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. This important device captures 99% of soot and particulates from the engine to help significantly reduce emissions. It is essential that to prevent the particulates from building up in the filter, and to avoid any impact to the performance of your vehicle, that this soot is ‘burned off’ through a process called regeneration. 

• If your Diesel Particular Filter warning light shows as amber on the dashboard, this indicates your filter is filling up and needs to be regenerated. To do this, it’s recommended you drive the vehicle at speeds between 65 and 115km/h on roads designated for these speed limits, for 25-35 minutes. 

• For more advice on regenerating the Diesel Particulate Filter in your vehicle, please refer to your vehicle handbook. 


• Contrary to some messages being communicated at this time, it is not necessary to perform any special measures with the fuel in your vehicle’s tank. Both petrol and diesel can safely last for periods of up to six months. Please do not add any special fuel savers or additives to your tank as this can cause expensive damage to your fuel system. 

• Keep your vehicle clean. Dust, dirt and bird droppings can do permanent damage to paintwork if left for prolonged periods. Consider using some of your extended time at home to wash your car regularly, especially if kept outside. Avoid using dishwashing liquid to wash your vehicle’s exterior, as this is designed to remove the waxes which protect automotive paint. 


• Our South African Retailers are currently closed to protect the health and safety of the public and our colleagues. However, The Customer Care Centre will remain available via email at crcza@jaguarlandrover.com or WhatsApp at 087 250 0070 

• Customers due for scheduled vehicle services will be given a grace period extended to 3,200km or two months 

• Urgent Roadside Assistance services will remain available and can be contacted at 0861 572 774 78 

• Jaguar Land Rover South Africa will return to normal business practises in line with the lift of extended lock-down periods. For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health’s website at www.SAcoronavirus.co.za