richard gouverneur

Dear valued Jaguar and Land Rover customers, There is no way I could possibly convey any compassionate messages or words of wisdom which have not already been shared by the most respected industry and government leaders in the world during the situation we find currently ourselves in. Not least of which come from Jaguar Land Rover CEO Prof. Sir Ralf Speth in a letter which you can read below. 

Instead I would like to share some information specific to Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, including some of the efforts we are putting into the fight against coronavirus on a local level. 

COVID-19 is leaving a trail of devastation in its wake across South Africa, but if one thing is for certain it’s that we are a resilient nation and we will not take this crisis lying down. Many initiatives have sprung into effect to ensure those in need will see the crisis through, and as a matter of urgency Jaguar Land Rover South Africa put its #FeedingSATogether campaign in place to help feed children and elderly who may not have access to regular meals at this time. 

Jaguar Land Rover kicked off the initiative by supplying much-needed food parcels to a school near Knysna, and with the help of Jaguar Ambassador Minnie Dlamini, thousands more will be fed thanks to donations from individuals and companies in South Africa and abroad. These food parcels will be distributed through our partnership with the South African Red Cross Society, which, as the lockdown was implemented, received 11 Land Rover vehicles from our Marketing fleet to assist with their life-saving duties. 

As we wait out this period of isolation together most of us will not be enjoying as much time behind the wheels of our vehicles as we may like. Included in this newsletter are some helpful tips for Jaguar and Land Rover owners to maintain their vehicles during lockdown. This list also includes some important information pertaining to scheduled services, roadside assistance and Customer Care lines during the period. 

I ask that all of our customers rest assured in knowing that your needs remain top of mind for us, and we are still here to assist with any Jaguar or Land Rover-related issues. 

The South African and global Jaguar Land Rover families are doing everything in their power to support communities and customers locally and worldwide. The road ahead will be tough, but together we will get through this. 


Richard Gouverneur Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa