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Land Rover Vehicle Service and Vehicle Maintenance

Although Land Rovers are beautifully constructed and sturdy vehicles, the good vehicle maintenance and vehicle service of your Land Rover is still important, no matter what you use your vehicle for.

Think about it as investing in the future – ensuring that your Land Rover will still be able to take you on all the adventures you look forward to in the years ahead!

There are some simple precautionary measures that you can take in order to promote the safe and reliable operation of your Land Rover for many years to come – including carrying out the simple list of checks that are outlined in your Land Rover Handbook.

Arduous Operating Conditions: Step-Up Your Vehicle Maintenance

Your Land Rover service regime will need to be stepped-up in frequency if you drive under arduous driving conditions for an extended period of time. Driving in severe operating conditions (such as in mud, dust, and high ambient temperatures) will mean that your Land Rover will require more frequent servicing to prevent premature engine wear and damage. Contact your Land Rover dealership/Authorised Repairer for more information.

Land Rover Service Intervals

Servicing your vehicle at the recommended distance or monthly intervals will ensure that you extend the life of your vehicle. Visit our handy service interval table to ensure that your vehicle maintenance is kept up to date.

Please note that all 2011 and later Land Rover models now require 50% less maintenance due to developments in fuels, lubricants and engineering.

This means that your Land Rover’s maintenance periods will have changed and will differ to those reflected in your service handbook. You will now only have to have your vehicle serviced as per the service table.

This global change will take effect in South Africa from the 1st of January, 2013 – ensuring that you spend more time in your Land Rover and less time in workshops.

This change in maintenance period is attributed to the following:

• Fuels have become less corrosive and cleaner to burn, thus making less damage to your Land Rover’s engine parts like the cylinder block, the cylinder head valves, the variable intake manifolds and fuel pumps.

• Lubricants have become more efficient, like the lower viscosity 5W30 synthetic oil that we’ve developed. Combined with the new reverse flow cooling system this ensures that oil reaches operating temperature 14% faster – moving parts now wear out less from friction and engine power isn’t cannibalised. Your Land Rover’s fuel consumption is also significantly improved while its engine warms up.

• Land Rover engineering is always improving, inside and out. Our engines now make use of hardier space-age alloys and plastics. Continued improvements in our engine management systems also improve fuel efficiency and reduce the rate of wear and tear of our engines.

When you next take your Land Rover to be serviced, your service handbook will be amended to reflect the new service dates. Please refer to our FAQs should you have any queries or alternatively email service1@jaguarlandrover.com and one of our representatives will directly respond to you. You can also contact our call centre at 0860 110 090.



Should your Land Rover sustain accident damage, it is important that it is repaired correctly.


Frequently Asked Questions - Service Interval Change.


Your Land Rover has been with you through the ups and downs of life and travel – over tar and through mountains – and always gets you to where you want to be.