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PAIA Manual


Promotion of Access to Information Act. This manual informs a person or Requester on how to obtain access to any Record held by Jaguar Land Rover which may be required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

The Act gives effect to the constitutional right of access to any information held by any public or private body that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

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Data Protection


This Privacy Notice explains how we use personal data received from our websites located in South Africa and other sources and informs you of your data protection rights when using these websites in South Africa.

Data Protection Headings


JLRSA, and our JLRSA authorised Retailers and/or Authorised Service Providers will have to process certain Personal Information which belongs to you. View our policy to explain why we need your Personal Information and what we will be doing with it.

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In order for JLRSA to pursue its business objectives and strategies, JLRSA needs to process and/or further process your Information, this Information will be used for a number of legitimate purposes. To view the full policy, click below.