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Q. What is PTI?

A. PTI stands for Personal Telephone Integration, a fully integrated hands-free mobile phone system for your car via a Bluetooth link or cradle in the centre console (note cradle availability was deleted from 08MY).

Q. What is Bluetooth?

A. Bluetooth is the name for a short-range radio frequency (RF) technology that operates at 2.4 GHz and is capable of transmitting voice and data wirelessly. The effective range of Bluetooth devices is 32 feet (10 metres) and Bluetooth transfers data at a rate of 1 Mbps. Bluetooth connection gives greater convenience but gives a reduced feature set over that available when a phone is docked in the cradle.

Q. Why is the technology called Bluetooth?

A. The Bluetooth brand is named after the Danish King Harold 'Bluetooth' Blaatand who unified Denmark and Norway. In the beginning of the Bluetooth wireless technology era, Bluetooth was aimed at unifying the telecom and computing industries.


Q. Is the phone or the software tested by Land Rover Engineering for compatibility?

A. Both – the phone is tested and confirmed as compatible only with current software levels so it is essential to check that your phone has the correct software.

Q. Is any phone model compatible provided it has the required software?

A. No – Land Rover have only tested the models listed as compatible and can only recommend these as suitable handsets for the PTI / Bluetooth system.

Q. Why is the software important?

A. This defines the standard specifications agreed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) who defined how Bluetooth would work in the automotive sector. Early phones were not developed in line with the defined specification.

Q. Can software be updated?

A. Yes – how this is done varies by phone manufacturer and guidelines will be provided within material posted on this website. Contacting the phone retailer or visiting the phone manufacturers will provide information for obtaining upgraded software.

Q. Why are a limited number of phones compatible?

A. The initial list of phones covers current models that provide the level of vehicle functionality and integration required. Further phones will be approved and periodically added to the list.

Q. How frequently will the compatible phone list be updated?

A. This is currently planned to be about every three months.

Q. What if my phone is not on the Land Rover compatible list?

A. It may work, or work partially, however Land Rover cannot guarantee the level of operation.


Q. How does the Land Rover PTI / Bluetooth functionality compare to other manufacturer's solutions?

A. The level of integration with the vehicle controls and PTI / Bluetooth features including phonebook transfer facility is competitive with other vehicle manufacture's Hands-free options. The cradle solution (when fitted) allows such features as SMS on the Range Rover.

Q. Can numbers in the phonebook be scrolled through using the steering wheel?

A. Yes, for a phone in the cradle and newer vehicle models (check compatibility lists).

Q. Can you dial from the audio head unit, touch screen display or steering wheel?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you dial using Land Rover voice activation?

A. Yes.

Q. What is different about the Land Rover after sales Bluetooth accessory functionality?

A. The accessory system does not allow use of the vehicle touch screen or keypad, but does give voice interaction. This is a standalone accessory system.


Q. Where is the docking station or cradle in the car for the phone (if fitted)?

A. It is located in the centre console between the front two seats under the armrest.

Q. Will the phone charge if connected to the cradle?

A. Yes.

Q. Can the phone still operate when charging?

A. Yes.

Q. Can a Bluetooth phone be charged without a charging lead?

A. No – However, 12V in-car charging leads can be purchased from any phone store.

Q. Can a Bluetooth phone be kept in the owner's pocket or bag?

A. Yes it can be located anywhere in the cabin. Whilst it may function from the boot (trunk), Land Rover do not recommend this, as the signal may be weaker in this enclosed environment.


Q. How do I know when a cradle phone is correctly connected to the car (when fitted)?

A. The phone handset will show a "car" or "headset" symbol to indicate it is in hands-free profile. Also, when in phone mode, the audio head unit or touch screen will confirm a phone is correctly connected via the cradle. This screen will show the network operator name and signal strength if the phone is registered to the network. If a phone is not registered to the network, "No Network" will be shown. If a phone is not connected correctly to the cradle, the audio head unit or touch screen will display "Phone Not Fitted" in the phone screen as detailed in the vehicle handbook.

Q. How do I know when a Bluetooth phone is connected to the car?

A. When in phone mode the audio head unit or touch screen will display "Bluetooth" or a telephone handset symbol as detailed in the vehicle handbook. Due to a limitation of Bluetooth, the signal strength is not displayed on the vehicle display. Also, the phone handset will show a "car" or "headset" symbol to indicate it is in hands-free profile.

Q. Does the phone need to be switched on to work?

A. Yes – Although if a phone that is switched off is connected to the cradle, it will automatically switch on.

Q. How are the Bluetooth phone and car 'paired'?

A. Please refer to Pairing Guide for full details.

Q. How many Bluetooth phones can be paired to a car at any time?

A. Multiple phones can be paired, please refer to your specific vehicle handbook for further information. This list is in order of last connected phone, with the last connected phone at the top. Only one phone can be connected at any one time.

Q. Can I connect a phone in the cradle whilst connected via Bluetooth (when fitted)?

A. Yes. When a phone is connected to the cradle, the Bluetooth connection will disconnect. A cradle phone has priority over a Bluetooth phone.

Q. Once the phone is paired, what do I have to do each time to make the phone work in the car?

A. Every time you come back to the car, it should automatically reconnect to the paired phone. However, this depends on the phone settings and handset compatibility. Please check the pairing and connection guide for details. The vehicle will automatically search for the last connected Bluetooth phone when the ignition is switched on and no phone is attached to the cradle. If the last connected Bluetooth phone is in range (and set to accept connections), the vehicle and phone will connect. If the last connected phone is not in range, the vehicle will search for the next phone on the device list.

Q. If a Bluetooth phone battery gets low or Bluetooth is turned off will the pairing be lost?

A. No, pairing need only be done once, and then the phone can be connected/disconnected as frequently as the customer wishes. It is recommended that the customer keeps the phone battery charged at all times – some phones turn Bluetooth off automatically when the phone battery gets low.


Q. Does Bluetooth have to be enabled on the phone?

A. Yes, this can be done by following the phone handset instructions (refer to phone manufacturers guide) or connection instructions provided by Land Rover.

Q. How many phone numbers can be accessed via the vehicle system?

A. This is limited only by the number of entries that the phone/SIM card can store. Voice Name-tags in the Voice System however, are stored in the vehicle and are limited to approximately 50 entries. See compatibility list for further information.

Q. How does the customer view their phonebook via the vehicle display?

A. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for further details. Phonebook entries can only be viewed for the currently connected phone and will vary depending upon phone connected. See compatibility guide for further information.

Q. Can you store voice tag numbers on a vehicle with voice fitted?

A. Yes as per the previous Land Rover in-car phone system functionality. These are available when using a Bluetooth or phone connected via the cradle.