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  • What is Wi-Fi Hotspot?
    Wi-Fi Hotspot delivers a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot in your car. Wi-Fi Hotspot enables passengers to connect up to 8 devices to the internet using an in-car 3G connection. It utilises the roof mounted antenna increasing the reliability of continuous connection whilst on the move. It delivers better data connection strength (compared to a smartphone in the vehicle) as the metal structure of the vehicle can restrict data reception. In addition to the hardware fitted to the vehicle, you will have to purchase a mobile SIM card and insert it in the SIM card reader located in your vehicle.
  • Will Wi-Fi Hotspot provide a continuous Wi-Fi connection whilst on the move?
    Wi-Fi Hotspot operates through a mobile phone network. It will deliver a better data connection than a smartphone in the vehicle, but will not operate in areas where no mobile phone network exists.
  • Do I need a SIM for my Wi-Fi Hotspot hotspot?
    Yes. The system requires a separate 3G SIM card with a data plan/allowance to work. The system provides mobile internet in the car for Wi-Fi capable devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. In many ways it operates in a similar way to a "3G dongle".
  • What type of SIM do I need to provide?
    You need a 3G "Data only SIM card". Sometimes these are called "Internet only SIM" or "Mobile broadband SIMs". This will be a different SIM card to that fitted in your mobile phone.
  • Does my SIM need to provide a data plan?
    Yes, your SIM should have a data allowance for your Wi-Fi Hotspot to work. Voice only SIMs (as used on some mobile phones) cannot deliver data.
  • Can I use the data from the mobile phone plan that I already have?
    This depends on the mobile service provider and type of the plan you have. Some providers offer "shared plans" where you can get an additional SIM for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and attach it to your shared plan. This means that your Wi-Fi Hotspot and your mobile phone consume the data from the shared allowance and you will get 1 bill.
  • Can I order Wi-Fi Hotspot on its own, or is it linked to other options?
    At present Wi-Fi Hotspot is a linked feature with InControl Connect. Wi-Fi Hotspot can only be specified on vehicles fitted with InControl Connect.
  • What type of networks does Wi-Fi Hotspot operate on?
    Wi-Fi Hotspot operates on 3G networks. The majority of UK networks support 3G functionality. Wi-Fi Hotspot is not compatible with 4G.


  • What is InControl Secure and how does it work?

    InControl Secure is Jaguar Land Rover's Thatcham category 6 stolen vehicle tracking offering. InControl Secure uses tracking technology to alert you if your vehicle has been tampered with or moved illegally.

    Your vehicle will notify the Land Rover InControl tracking centre who will contact you to confirm if your vehicle has been stolen or not.

  • Will InControl Secure help to reduce my insurance premium?
    InControl Secure is Thatcham category 6 compliant. By having InControl Secure activated you may qualify for a discount on your insurance premium.
  • What happens if I have InControl Secure and my vehicle is stolen?

    In the event of your vehicle being moved illegally, the Land Rover InControl tracking centre will immediately alert you and will liaise with the police to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle.

    If you believe your vehicle has been stolen, call the Land RoverInControl tracking Centre directly from your InControl Remote Smartphone App or the telephone number which can be found on the InControl owner’s section of www.Land

  • If I have InControl Secure what will happen if my car is towed away?

    If you know that your vehicle is going to be transported (e.g. towed or transported by train or ferry) and if you have an active InControl Secure subscription make sure you enable the Transport Mode feature. Once enabled, Transport Mode will be active for either 12 hours or a set time of your choosing only and will be automatically disabled when this time has elapsed. If your vehicle is being transported for more than either 12 hours or a set time of your choosing, make sure you reactivate Transport Mode.

    If you do not enable Transport Mode and your vehicle is being transported you will receive a theft notification from the Land Rover InControl tracking centre.

  • Can I report my vehicle stolen when abroad in Europe?

    If your vehicle is stolen while you are travelling in one of the countries listed below, you should contact the InControl tracking centre. The process is the same as if you were in your home country.

    InControl Secure is available in the country in which you subscribed for the InControl Services as well as in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstien, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vatican.

  • What is Transport Mode?

    Transport Mode is related to InControl Secure and allows you to put your vehicle on a trailer, train or tow it without a stolen vehicle alert being triggered. Transport Mode can be enabled from the Smartphone App or the My Land Rover InControl website.

    Once switched on the vehicle will not send automatic theft notifications for either 12 hours or a set time of your choosing if the vehicle is moved while the engine is off. All other automatic theft notifications e.g. battery disconnected, window break, etc. remain active.

    Transport Mode will only be visible in the Smartphone App or My Land Rover InControl website if you have InControl Secure.

  • What is Service Mode?
    Service Mode is related to InControl Secure and must be switched on when taking your vehicle for a service to prevent a stolen vehicle alert being triggered. Service Mode can be enabled from the Smartphone App or the My Land RoverInControl website. Once switched on the vehicle will not send automatic theft notifications for either 12 hours or a set time of your choosing when it detects a theft event caused by e.g. moving the car with the engine off, disconnecting the battery or aerial, alarm sounding, etc. Service Mode will only be visible in the Smartphone App or My Land RoverInControl website if you have InControl Secure.


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