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Land Rover Roadside Assistance – Vehicle Assistance When You Need It The Most

Being stranded on the side of the road can be a dangerous event in anyone’s life – the proximity of the other vehicles rushing past or the threat of potential robbery in some areas means that you should never be left without the availability of assistance when you need it.

Land Rover has created Land Rover Assist for our Owners – and is your 24/7 dedicated roadside assistance helpline. Should you need any roadside assistance with mechanical or electrical breakdowns – as well as minor roadside emergencies, which require an immediate response – Land Rover Assist is there for you.

Please note that depending on the model, benefits apply during the first 3 years or 100,000km; or 5 years 100,000km whichever comes first and are limited to your country of residence.

Land Rover Roadside Assistance Contact Numbers
For any roadside assistance and emergencies for South African customers contact –
0861 LR Assist (0861 572 774 78)
For any roadside assistance and emergencies for Botswana & Namibia customers contact - +27 11 9918765

When you dial in for assistance, be sure to have your VIN number handy for quick validation and assistance. If it is not available in your owner's manual, you will find your VIN number on your vehicle registration disc – it is an alpha numerical 17 digit number.

Benefit Description Benefit Detail
Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown Transportation of your vehicle to the servicing dealership within a 45 km radius. In instances where the servicing dealership is more than 45kms from the incident, your vehicle will be taken to the nearest dealership. Unlimited mileage to the nearest dealership. If no dealership is available within a 45km radius your vehicle will be towed directly to the dealership during office hours. During after-hours your vehicle will remain in safe-keeping at the premises of the towing contractor. Your vehicle will be taken to the dealership during the next working day.
Keys locked inside the vehicle A locksmith service provider is dispatched to retrieve your keys on site. The call-out fee and 1st hour's labour of the locksmith is paid for *Namibian and Botswana residents excluded. Should it not be possible to retrieve the keys locked inside the vehicle, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest dealership. Towing cost will be for your account. Retrieval of keys is only possible if your vehicle is one of the Defender model range. All other models are to be towed to the nearest dealership.
Fuel Should you run out of fuel and cannot get to a filling station, a service provider will be sent with an emergency supply. The service provider's call-out fee is paid for *Namibian and Botswana residents excluded. Cost of the actual fuel will be for your account.
Flat Battery The service entails a jump start procedure if possible or towing. The service provider's call-out fee is paid for *Namibian and Botswana residents excluded.
Flat Tyre The service entails a tyre change on-site. Assistance is also provided at non – roadside locations, at the discretion of the case manager. The service provider's call-out fee is paid for *Namibian and Botswana residents excluded. Should a spare tyre not be available or the one available is not fit for a tyre change the towing cost will be for your account.
Accident assistance (including Collision, Attempted Theft and Attempted Hi-jacking) Assistance includes all arrangements in terms of appointing an approved towing contractor and instructing towing to the nearest approved Jaguar Land Rover Repair centre. Towing and related cost will remain the liability of your insurance company or in the event of self-insurance, your personal expense.
Car Hire and Taxi Service Irrespective of the incident location and the distance from home, your benefits include: Car hire based on availability OR Cab/Taxi – This can be arranged to transport you home. The rental cost which could include delivery fee and mileage is limited to R1,000. Should the breakdown happen over a weekend or when the following day is a public holiday, the rental period could be extended if required. A valid credit card either in your name or the name of a fellow-traveller would be required by the car hire company. The rental company would keep a temporary deposit on this card. The Cab/Taxi service is offered subject to the availability of such a service in the area where the breakdown occurs and is limited to R1,000. You will be assisted with a reservation up to R1,000 for one night *Namibian and Botswana residents limited to R2,000.
Accommodation Should the breakdown happen more than 100km from your home address, emergency accommodation will be arranged for one night. You will be assisted with a reservation up to R1,000 for one night *Namibian and Botswana residents limited to R2,000.
Repatriation of the repaired vehicle Following a breakdown, the repaired vehicle will be returned to your home address. Repatriation only applicable to customers with a location of over 100km from the repairing dealership.
Arrangements could include car hire for one day or contribution to any means of having the vehicle returned. These arrangements are made by Land Rover's Customer Relationship Centre during office hours.
Medical Emergency Services Emergency Medical Advice is available telephonically. Emergency transportation to stabilize a patient and hospital admittance arranged. Cost of advice, transport and admittance is paid for. Cost incurred could be claimed back from the patient's medical aid.

The Land Rover Assist benefits do not apply to:
- Any vehicle outside the warranty period.
- The cost of repairs or parts at the time of the incident.
- Expenses occurred by the owner when assistance was not requested via the Land Rover Assist call centre.

- Ensure you see the Land Rover, branded and numbered ID card from the Service Provider.
- Do not sign paperwork presented by a towing or roadside assistance service provider if you have not read thoroughly and understood clearly - especially after an accident.
- Refer to your owner's manual for technical enquiries regarding indicators on your dashboard or otherwise.
- Should you need technical advice please contact your nearest dealerships during office hours.
- If you are travelling outside the borders, ensure to request extended territory insurance from your Insurance Broker or Insurance Company.
- In the event of an accident, please ensure that your vehicle be towed to an Approved Body Repair Centre.


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