Kingsley Hogate


One of Africa's most colourful modern-day explorers, Kingsley Holgate is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Getaway Magazine's explorer in residence.

Bear Grylls


One of the world’s most recognised faces of survival and adventure, Bear embodies Land Rover’s ‘Above and Beyond’ spirit, having climbed Mount Everest and led ground-breaking expeditions from Antarctica to the Arctic. Bear says, “Land Rover is all about adventure, and adventure has always been in my DNA.”

Ben Saunders


Ben Saunders is a writer, motivational speaker and pioneering British polar explorer. Always looking to push beyond the boundaries of exploration, Ben attempted the epic challenge of a Trans-Antarctic Solo crossing, without support or assistance.

Ed Stafford


Ed Stafford first made his name as an adventurer when he trekked the length of the Amazon. A big fan of Land Rover Discovery, Ed, his wife and their eight week old son travelled and lived in their Discovery as the journeyed through 10 countries, covering 3000 miles in 14 days.

Kenton Cool


One of the world’s leading mountain guides, Kenton Cool faces harsh conditions on his expeditions. He depends on Land Rover vehicles to deliver him to the challenging environments, including the 12 Summits of Everest, and relies on features such as the heated steering wheel to help thaw out his hands upon his return.

Monty Halls


Marine biologist, Producer, Adventure and Broadcaster, Monty Halls is well known for his BBC Great Escape series, in which he lives and works in challenging remote areas. A passionate explorer and advocate of conservation and military charities, he regularly leads diving expeditions for adventurers and scientists.